Dee Dee Ramone guitar achieves $37,500 at RR Auction

A guitar belonging to Dee Dee Ramone of New York punk band The Ramones has sold for $37,694 at RR Auction in the US.

The lot crossed the block in the October 25 Marvels of Modern Music sale.  

Dee Dee guitar
Dee Dee Ramone was the bass player for punk band The Ramones

It was sold alongside a letter of provenance from Jeff 'Truckie' Golden, a former driver for the band: "My name is credited on several Ramones albums…I was given the…Dee Dee Ramone personally owned and stage-used Fender Precision bass guitar…in lieu of one weeks pay by Ramones manager Monte Melnick.

"The guitar was left behind in an equipment locker at S. I. R. in NYC after Dee Dee Ramone quit the band."

Another roadie, Matthew Lolya, writes: "I was a roadie for the Ramones from 1976-1989. I was a guitar tech and I personally worked with Johnny and Dee Dee's guitars during the time I was employed by the band.

"The guitar…was owned and played by Dee Dee Ramone during the mid to late 80s…The guitar was signed by Dee Dee, in my presence, at my 7th St. apartment."

Dee Dee was a founding member of the wildly popular band and wrote some of their best known songs, including 53 and 3rd and Glad to See You Go.

He died of a heroin overdose in 2002.

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