I Love Lucy memorabilia to auction until April 16

A selection of memorabilia pertaining to Lucille Ball (of I Love Lucy fame) is offered in an online sale at Black Sparrow Auctions that will run until April 16.

The sale will include props from the hit TV show, including Lucy's driving licence and other set-used items.

Lucille Ball auction
Lucille Ball was the star of I Love Lucy, an enduringly popular sitcom from the 1950s

Auctioneer Fong Sam told CCTV.com, a Chinese news site: "She is still as popular as ever and these things have really high historic value.

"This is a sitcom that basically set the tone for every sitcom that came after it. We wouldn't have Seinfeld, we wouldn't have Friends without Lucy, so Lucy is as important to Hollywood history and popular culture history as there is.

"There are a lot of Lucy fans out there and these are things they grew up with and have sentimental value. These are things that they have nostalgia for and there's a historical value as well.

"So, it's hard to put a finger on what the pricing will be, but things will start at as low as $50 and as high as thousands of dollars. It really depends on what you need in your Lucy collection and satisfy your I Love Lucy itch."

The iconic polka dot dress worn by Ball in the show sold for $140,000 at Profiles in History last year.  

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