Own the Royal Family’s Biggest Secret - The Princess Diana Wedding Dress

Each night. For 12 weeks. In a small, dark workshop in London’s Mayfair. 

Two men stood, in silence, next to a locked metal cabinet. 

Alert. On edge. Listening for intruders. 

Because inside the cabinet, lay the biggest secret in the history of the Royal Family. 

An object less than 10 people in the world had ever seen.

Security guards Jim and Bert had never guarded a cargo this precious before. 

If they failed. Well, it wasn’t worth thinking about. 

But they didn’t fail. Which meant that on July 29, 1981...

Princess Diana stepped out of her carriage at St Paul’s Cathedral in a wedding dress
The first glimpse
Princess Diana stepped out of her carriage at St Paul’s Cathedral in a wedding dress the world had never seen. 

That was Diana’s desire. She demanded the dress should remain a secret until the last. 

That’s why designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel placed shutters on all their windows. Why they put the wrong colour threads in the bins to throw off reporters. And why the Emanuels’ small staff were sworn to secrecy.
Princess Diana at St Paul’s Cathedral in a wedding dress
Diana's dress had a 25 foot train
Today, Diana’s wedding dress is in a secret location. Owned by her sons. 

Yet here, on my desk in front of me, is something almost as extraordinary. 

Several large pieces of exquisite fabric. From which the Emanuels crafted Diana’s dress 43 years ago.  

Let me be clear. 

These pieces were literally “cut from the same cloth”. 

They were once part of the same rolls of fabric that designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel used to make Diana’s wedding dress.

These pieces were in the same room. On the same table. And part of the same fabric as arguably the most famous wedding dress of all time.

They are witnesses to history. All are in superb condition.

And you can own them all today. 
 "We knew the wedding was going to be in St. Paul's. And that's huge inside so we wanted the dress to stand out, but also for Diana, we wanted to make her look like a fairy princess.

"We had to get it right because we knew it would go down in history.

"There had never been a gown like that before. Mainly because we weren't given any constraints and we were out of college and we just loved designing and flamboyance and were all into lace and frills and ruffles, and it was the age of new romance."

Designer Elizabeth Emanuel. 
Before I reveal each piece of fabric, let me say this: 

Yes, you’re buying Diana’s wedding dress fabric. 

But you’re buying something more than that:
  • You’re buying something no one else owns
  • You’re buying a unique moment in time – when the world stopped to watch a princess marry her prince
  • You’re buying a relic that commemorates one of the most extraordinary lives. A life that lives on through her children and grandchildren 

Princess Diana's wedding dress owned today by William and Harry

 Owned today by William and Harry


And you’re also acquiring a blue chip investment. 

Because the value of Princess Diana memorabilia is surging.

  • Until last year, the auction record for a Princess Diana dress was £264,000 ($325,300). But that all changed in January 2023, when her purple Victor Edelstein evening gown hit the block. In 1997 Diana sold it for charity at Christie's for $24,150. This time it made $604,800. Up 2403% in just 27 years.
  • And then in September, Diana’s celebrated 'Black Sheep' jumper, which experts thought would achieve $40,000-70,000... Auctioned for $1.1 million. 
  • And just last month. A velvet Jacques Azagury gown Diana wore in 1985. Which had last sold, in 1997, for $26,450. Auctioned for $1.1 million. Up 4,210% in 27 years. 

I could provide more examples of surging prices. You get the idea. Now is a great time to be investing in intimate pieces of Diana’s history.  

And just think.

When you own this collection, you can sell portions of it to other collectors and dealers, and still retain sizable swatches for yourself.

What a wonderful way to make money from your collection, while still being able to enjoy it. 

Here's what you're getting...

The Princess Diana Wedding Dress Collection

1. Diana’s wedding dress silk taffetaBritain's oldest silk weaving company made the Princess Diana's wedding dress' taffeta exterior

Two swatches measuring approx. 45 by 10 inches in total.

Ivory-coloured silk taffeta used to make the exterior of Diana's wedding dress. Created in a heavy weight to give the dress its distinctive shape.

Britain’s oldest silk weaving company, Stephen Walters, wove the taffeta.

The company also created the lining for Queen Elizabeth II's coronation gown and Princess Anne’s wedding dress.
2. Diana wedding dress silk lining
Silk for the lining of Diana’s wedding dress
 Silk for the lining of Diana’s wedding dress
Two swatches: 30 x 10 inches and 50 x 15 inches.

Ivory-coloured silk used to make the inner lining of Diana's wedding dress. Slightly coarser than the identically coloured silk taffeta used for the dress’ exterior. 
3. Silk taffeta for Diana’s train 
The Emanuels used silk taffeta for most of Diana's long train
 The Emanuels used silk taffeta for most of Diana's long train
Two swatches, approx. 40 x 10 inches in total.

Ivory-coloured silk taffeta used for the majority of Diana’s train. Diana’s train was 25 feet long – she kept asking for it to be extended.
4. Fine lace for the train’s border
Note the handsewn sequins
Note the handsewn sequins
Approx. 20 x 5 inches.

Elegant ivory-coloured fine lace used for the train's border.

5. Spangled lace for Diana’s train, bodice and bottom of Diana’s wedding dress
The spangled lace of Diana's wedding dress had a variety of uses
 The spangled lace had a variety of uses
Beautifully intricate spangled lace used to trim Diana’s bodice, train and the foot of her wedding dress. 

One piece measures approx. 78 inches long and the other approx. 196 inches long. A 29 inch segment of the longer strand is backed with the silk taffeta material used for the dress.
6. Lace for Diana’s wedding shoes
Lace for Diana’s wedding shoes
  The lace was used to beautiful effect on the shoes' heart motif   
The lace was used to beautiful effect on the shoes' heart motif
 Diana wore flat shoes to ensure she wasn't taller than Charles
Comes with a card that states "43.5 M" (true length unmeasured).

Ivory-coloured lace used for Princess Diana's wedding shoes. The fine lace features a three-petal floral pattern. This lace bordered the heart design on Diana's shoes.
7. Bridesmaid garment collection
Diana had five bridesmaids
Diana had five bridesmaids
For the bridesmaids' dress bands
 For the bridesmaids' dress bands
- Four bolts of ivory-coloured lace used for Princess Diana's bridesmaids' dresses, measuring 5.5 inches wide, annotated "17.4 M"

 - A piece of the sleeve of a bridesmaid's dress, measuring 11 inches in diameter, comprised of a layer of silk and a layer of lace

 - A 60 inch length of lace for the sleeves or hem of a bridesmaid's dress, with a tag annotated "Clementine," attributing it to the dress of Clementine Hambro - great-granddaughter of Winston Churchill

 - Thirteen pieces of yellow-gold silk taffeta (inspired by the colour of the Mountbatten rose) used for the bridesmaids' dress bands, in various cuts and sizes

 - Two cut swatches of the ivory silk used for the bridesmaids' dresses, each measuring approx. 18.5 x 7 inches

My guarantee to you

For your absolute peace of mind this collection comes with my Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity.  

And also you get a full 28 days to change your mind if you don’t adore it. Not a question asked if you want to return it. 

You also get free delivery (fully insured) to any address in the world. 

The price of this unique collection is just £30,000 ($38,000).

That is an extraordinarily low sum for a collection of this magnitude. 

Memorabilia and royal dealers will be eyeing this as an opportunity: to buy for a low price and offer it in small pieces. So you may well have to be quick to beat them to it. 

Don’t wait. Buy it now.

  Buy the Diana Wedding Dress Collection Now  


Call me on +44 (0)1534 639 998

Or hit reply now.

Until next time, 

Paul Fraser

PS. Remember – you’re not just buying important pieces of fabric, you’re buying a window into one of the landmark moments of the 20th century.


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