Apollo 11 autographs: to the Moon

2019 marks 50 years since the Apollo 11 Moon landing.

It remains the high water mark of human endeavour. Autographs from the three astronauts who made the perilous journey are in high demand.

Prices have risen an average of 11.2% a year since 2000.

What are the circumstances driving this growing demand?

Here are some thoughts.


A big driver behind the sale of Apollo 11 memorabilia is its suitability as an investment.

Apollo 11 autographs

One of three signed photographs of the Apollo 11 astronauts 

Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins and Neil Armstrong were pioneers. They went boldly where no man had gone before. Their names will live on as long as there are people to remember them.

And that makes their autographs hugely appealing as an investment.

In order for an autograph to retain its value over time, the signer needs to have lasting appeal for future generations.

There are certain names that are immune from shifting trends.

And the Apollo 11 crew are top of the list. 


Autographs from all three astronauts are rare.

Apollo 11 autographs

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins have signed this photograph

While all three shared a remarkable experience, in real life they were not close and did not really socialise after the mission.

That means they only signed autographs together shortly before and shortly after the Moon landing.

If you wanted to get the set after 1969, you’d need to collect all three individually – a not insignificant task.

Neil Armstrong stopped signing autographs for good in 1993.

That effectively put a cap on the number of autographs on the market.


When the Apollo 11 astronauts came home, everyone wanted an autograph.

Apollo 11 autographs

A spectacular signature from Michael Collins 

To meet this demand, NASA made extensive use of autopen.

The vast majority of signed photographs on the market have never been anywhere near Aldrin, Collins or Armstrong.

Savvy buyers know they need to purchase through reputable channels to ensure they’re getting the real deal.

It may cost a little more, but dealers offer guarantees of authenticity – something you won’t get with with anonymous eBay sellers.

Paul Fraser.

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