White Star Line poster to see $12,000 at Heritage Auctions

A circa 1912 poster for the famed White Star Line shipping company, owners of the Titanic, will sell at Heritage Auctions on July 19-20.

White Star Line poster
The poster has caused debate among collectors for some time

The poster was created to advertise White Star Line's Olympic series of ships, of which the Titanic was part. It is expected to make $6,000-12,000.

According to Heritage, the poster has appeared at auction several times before, causing controversy among collectors. The argument stems from the identity of the ship; the image is actually a composite of several sister ships, making it impossible to pin the Titanic's name to the artwork.

The addition of more lifeboats than were carried on either the Olympic or the Titanic suggests it was produced shortly after the tragic sinking. The company was also forced to change the Gigantic's name to the Britannic, considering the former too close to the Titanic.

Cassandre's distinctive style embodies the spirit of the Machine Age

Also starring among the fantastic selection of travel posters is one advertising the French Northern Railway, created in the distinctive style of AM Cassandre (1901-1968) - one of the most collectible of all poster artists.

Estimated at $3,000-6,000, the poster is a wonderful example of Cassandre's style, which embraced cubism and surrealism to capture the Machine Age's thirst for power and speed.

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