Video of the Week: Christie's offers a closer look at Elizabeth Taylor's fashion and jewellery


Christie's are naturally excited about their upcoming sale of Elizabeth Taylor's fashion and jewellery, presenting as it does a feast for collectors of the very finest memorabilia from one of Hollywood's greatest ever stars.


The memorabilia aspect is important, as from the seller's point of view it adds value to items which were already valuable when Liz Taylor bought them or was given them. So here it is explained how some of them related directly to events in the star's life and her character.

The description of Taylor in the context of her collection as the 'Queen of Hollywood' is given some backing by the story of her swimming round the pool wearing her crown (although the really royal Elizabeth probably doesn' t do that).

The link with royalty in the form of Taylor buying a brooch of Wallis Simpson also links her collection with one of its few rivals for world class jewellery hoards.

Perhaps our favourite item here is the robe with jewelled scorpions on which Taylor wore to her friend Princess Grace of Monaco's Scorpio party. Guests were supposed to be exclusively Scorpios, but Taylor (a Pisces) was made an exception.

She came in 'on the tail' of husband Richard Burton's correct zodiac alignment, and dressed to impress with glittering arachnids - a fish in scorpions' clothing, you might say.

Christie's will be selling Liz Taylor's haute couture and jewellery from December 13-16 in New York.


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