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Last month, the Paul Fraser Collectibles Newsletter featured the highest appraisal ever given on the UK's version of the BBC's long-running collectibles programme, the Antiques Roadshow.

That accolade was achieved by a 20/1 scale model of one of the UK's most unique and captivating sights, Anthony Gormley's Angel of the North sculpture.

This week, we look at the show's Stateside cousin, the US Antiques Roadshow. The spin-off programme made its series premiere earlier this year.

Following a format identical to its UK counterpart, antiques expert James Callahan turns his expert eye to this Qianlong Jade Collection from the 18th century.

According to the owner, the collection was acquired between the late-1930s and 1940s by her father during his time in the military.

As a child, she says she "heard that some of them had imperial seals" and remembers wanting to find out more.

Years later, the collection is now the most valuable thing ever to appear on the US Antiques Roadshow. You can watch the above clip to find out its final value (although the video's title screen gives a small clue).

Elsewhere, Paul Fraser Collectibles has featured a number of key Qing Dynasty items which have made a big impact at auctions in recent months.

Wendy Jones was surprised to have her Prussian plate valued at an
incredible £100k ($160k) on the show's UK version

In September of last year, in Hong Kong, an 1897 Qing Dynasty Three Cents Red Revenue stamp sold for the highest amount ever paid for a Chinese Stamp.

One of only 50 such stamps to ever be created - of which only 32 can be accounted for today -  it far exceeded its $250,000 estimate to achieve a World Record-breaking $331,671.

More recently, a Silver Pattern Proof Dollar from 1916 - when China was in transition from the last of the Qing dynasty Emperors to its Republic - sold at Baldwin's earlier this month.

Depicting Yuan Shih-Kai in military uniform, the excellent condition coin more than doubled its $15,000 estimate, bringing $32,000.

In other Antiques Roadshow news, a British woman received a big surprise when she appeared on the programme's UK version.

Wendy Jones had been hoping to have her rare book collection valued on the long-running TV show, and brought along a dusty old plate as an afterthought.

Revealed as exceptional Prussian antique, the plate was eventually valued at $160k.



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