The return of Michael Myers... In Charitybuzz's '$10,000' memorabilia sale



Charitybuzz which, as its name suggests, specialises in auctioning memorabilia for good causes, is offering an especially iconic piece this time around...

Michael Myers, the serial killer who first terrified audiences in director John Carpenter's 1978 horror classic Halloween is undoubtedly one of the 20th century's most iconic cinema characters.

After years of dubious sequels
and remakes, killer Michael
Myers is angrier than ever

Along with the likes Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Pinhead, and Leatherface, the character is instantly recognisable to film goers - even those who weren't even born when the character first appeared.

That's partly thanks to constant film "reboots" for each of the characters, including 2002's Halloween Resurrection.

The film, which featured star of the original movie Jamie Lee Curtis but lacked Carpenter at the helm, wasn't viewed as a big success at the time. (You can judge yourself from its trailer, above.)

Nevertheless, this movie mask from the 2002 movie - while not as valued as a mask from 1978's classic Halloween - is as iconic as they come. Even if its Horror origins aren't to everybody's taste...

"I know it's disturbing, but fans of horror will love this because it's super rare," said Erin Hall, Director of Celebrity Relations at Charitybuzz.

"All the masks used in the film have either been destroyed or are in collections, so this is a chance for one lucky person to own a highly-collectible piece of horror memorabilia."

The mask, known as The Shape in horror circles, is also signed by the film's director, Rich Rosenthal, which arguably makes this piece one of a kind.

Estimated at $10,000, bids currently stand at $2,750 and are open until next Thursday (August 31).

Wooh! Don't worry, kids, it's only a mask - pictured with its authenticating
certificate and a poster for 2002's Halloween Resurrection

Proceeds from the sale will benefit the sCare Foundation (Suspense Community Allocating Relief & Empowerment), a group of Hollywood horror movie notables devoted to tackling poverty and homelessness among young people.

With such a good cause behind the sale of this iconic mask, we wish Charitybuzz the best of luck.


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