Success via your hobby: 'Why it's never too late to make the world your oyster'



Well, you could still have plenty of time.

Just look at the example of an important American woman, born today in history (September 7) in 1860.

Anna Mary Robertson Moses spent most of her life on a farm, and later in East Bridge, New York, well into her 70s.

Following her husband's in 1927, when Anna herself would already have been into her eighth decade, the widow threw herself into her passion for embroidery.

But eventually arthritis kicked in.

Most people would have given up, feeling dejected. But not Anna Moses.

Instead, on the advice of a friend, Anna turned to painting. The rest, as they say, is history...

By the 1950s, Anna Moses - or "Grandma Moses" as she became known - was among America's most popular artists.

Grandma Moses was in her late-70s before she became an American institution. Her legacy lives on in autographs for sale like this example...


Not only that, exhibitions of her artworks broke attendance records all over the world.

Both the National Association of House Dress Manufacturers and Mademoiselle magazine each named Grandma Moses their "Woman of the Year."

And in 1950 the National Press Club cited her as one of the five most newsworthy women in the country.

Not bad, right? And I haven't even mention that she was an inspiration for housewives, widows and retirees everywhere.


Older people now control 80% of
the world's wealth

The ethos that 'life begins' in middle-age - or even old age - may sound crazy.

But it's in fact everywhere in collectibles. Older people worldwide are deciding to finally enjoy their years of hard work.

Don't forget, these older people actually control 80% of the world's wealth.

In the US, there are an estimated 80 million just starting to retire - at an average of 75,000 a week for the next 20 years (15,000 per week in the UK).

You won't necessarily become an international icon like Grandma Moses...

But, with collectibles, opportunities to enjoy your 'autumn years' as much as she did are plentiful.

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