Stefano's Psycho screenplay typewriter among top lots at Nate D Sanders

The typewriter used by Joseph Stefano to write the screenplay for Psycho (1960) is offered at Nate D Sanders with a minimum bid of $25,000.

It's among the highlights of a sale that closes on November 20.

Joseph Stefano typewriter
Joseph Stefano wrote the screenplay for Psycho (1960)

Stefano adapted the film, which went on to become a classic, from the original novel by Robert Bloch. He replaced another screenwriter, Jack Cavanagh, whose version failed to pass muster.

Stefano made major changes to the book, turning Norman Bates from an overweight, unstable alcoholic to a clean cut young man with few outward flaws.

The violence of the novel was also toned down.

He went on to write for the cult Sci-fi TV show The Outer Limits, penning several episodes on this same typewriter.

Also on offer is an incredible Osama Bin Laden doll prototype, one of three produced by GI creator Donald Levine for the CIA. It starts at $2,500.

Bin Laden doll

The doll was intended to scare children away from involvement with Al Qaeda

The agency intended to hand the doll out to Arab children.

It appears accurate at first, but the face can be removed to reveal a "demon" faced Bin Laden who, bizarrely, resembles Darth Maul from the Star Wars prequels.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the project was shelved after it proved unworkable.

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