'Rare Beatles memorabilia: how to buy it for less than other collectors are paying'

Adrenaline! If you've never participated in a top auction before, you might be surprised by the levels of excitement and adrenaline among bidders before the hammer drops.

Even when you're bidding by telephone... Like earlier this year, when I bid by phone for Marilyn Monroe's iconic Seven Year Itch Dress (the iconic gown which blows upwards above the grate).

I had to call up at 3am because of the time difference. Paul Fraser Collectibles opened the bids at $1m. Our top budget was $2.2m. Then bids shot up to $5.6m...

It all happened in 20 minutes. Put simply: it was incredible.

But that's what adrenaline can do in an auction. Especially for the rarest collectible items, and especially when we're talking about an area as popular as Marilyn Monroe memorabilia - one of the "blue chips" of the collecting world.

Another collectibles "blue chip" is The Beatles

Offer a rare Beatles collectible to a small army of eager bidders, and watch their excitement take hold. But which Beatles memorabilia items are especially rare...?

Signed Beatles album covers are a great example. There are approximately 125 autographed Fab Four LP covers known to exist.

This is nothing when you think about it - especially considering the insatiable global demand for Beatles collectibles.

I mention this, because HA.com is taking the plunge on December 13 and auctioning an original copy of 1964's Meet the Beatles. It is signed by all the members of the Fab Four.

1964's Meet the Beatles: one of just four or five signed copies in the world

US-released Beatles albums signed by all four members are rarer than their UK counterparts (Meet the Beatles was the group's debut US LP release).

Indeed, there are only four or five known autographed Meet the Beatles covers.

Again, that's in the whole world

This is why Meet the Beatles currently stands as the most expensive signed Beatles album. A copy previously sold for $115,000 in 2006.

HA.com is being savvy with its sale. Like other high profile, big publicity auctions (such as Julien's sales of memorabilia from the famous Debbie Reynolds Collection, including Monroe's $5.6m Seven Year Itch Dress) HA.com has given its Meet the Beatles LP a low estimate.

This should encourage bidders to flood the saleroom, phone lines and internet. Then HA.com can sit back and enjoy the excitement as the bidders' adrenaline pushes its rare Meet the Beatles LP to an astronomical value.

I think that's why HA.com's LP is estimated at just $75,000. But I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I reckon HA.com's Meet the Beatles LP could double this estimate on December 13.

New World Record prices are happening in the collectibles markets every other week.

It is clear that the world's biggest auction houses are attracting big spenders, and they are bidding against each other. Yet here's a question...

What if you don't want the 'adrenalin'?

What if you want to avoid the stiff competition of an auction? Avoid the adrenalin? And avoid the skyrocketing values...?

It's simple: you can just avoid the auction altogether. Let me explain...

As I've said, I reckon that HA.com's signed Meet the Beatles LP could well double its $75,000 estimate when it auctions on December 13. After all, the last copy to appear at auction sold for $115,000 back in 2006.

But what about the other 124 autographed Beatles LP covers known to exist?

What if I told you that we have one for sale priced at just £35,000 (approx. $54,669)?

Our Beatles cover isn't the rarest - but it is the 2nd rarest

There are four-to-five signed copies of Meet the Beatles in the world. And only eight-to-10 signed copies of our autographed Fab Four album cover...

This is the 2nd rarest Beatles signed album cover in the world. So imagine what would happen if this item was presented to a roomful of excited bidders...?

But today you can avoid the 'adrenalin' and skip the auction process - find out more about our £35,000 signed Beatles Hard Day's Night LP by following this link

Remember: Meet the Beatles is the world's rarest signed Beatles album cover - and the most valuable, currently standing at $115,000.

I think that HA.com's autographed Meet the Beatles LP could easily surpass this price.

But you can own the world's 2nd rarest signed Beatles LP today - for a much lower price.

Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Or, if you have any further queries about this incredible Beatles memorabilia piece, please contact myself or Adrian Roose on:

+44 (0) 117 933 9500


All the best, until next week



Paul Fraser

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