Paul Fraser Reuters interview: 'Wealthy investors want an alternative to stocks'

With prices of collectibles up 208% over the last decade, and autographs up on average 335.9%, it was perhaps only a matter of time before the world's major press agencies began approaching us for interviews.

On this occasion, the agency was Reuters, the UK-based news service and former financial market data provider. They wanted to know more about these mysterious assets which are outperforming traditional investments such as stocks and shares.

The above video report was the result of their visit to our offices, and features a number of familiar faces from Che Guevara and Muhammad Ali, to Johnny Depp and Apollo 11's Neil Armstrong.

Two highlights from the video: Sean Connery's signed photograph as
007, and King Henry VIII's personal divorce plea to the Pope

Also among the highlights is "the King of celebrity autographs". Not Elvis Presley, but Henry VIII, whose personal handwritten letter to the Pope to get his marriage to Catherine of Aragon annulled has been one of our most valued stock items (so far).

Elsewhere, Reuters' report examines how rising numbers of millionaires in China and India are helping to fuel the collectible alternative investment markets. In the film, Paul discusses these buyers' increasing desire for tangible assets which don't correlate with the normal stock markets.

For now, one thing's for sure: as the collectibles markets continue to grow and expand into new regions like China, India and the Middle East, and the mainstream press takes an increasing interest, this can only equal good news for collectible alternative investments.


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