Our Top Five James Bond '007' collectibles

Here's some bad news for fans of James Bond: production of the famous British spy's next cinema outing - the 23rd official 007 film - has been put on hold, indefinitely...

According to news reports, production has been halted while MGM, the franchise's film studio, struggles to find a buyer to match the 'for sale' company's $2bn price tag.

Pierce Brosnan's suit, as worn in

James Bond is one of the longest running franchises in film history, and its 23rd installment was originally pegged for a 2011-2012 release.

So, to help Bond fans with what could potentially be very a long wait to see actor Daniel Craig's next adventure, here is Paul Fraser Collectibles' Top Five list of 007 memorabilia...

#5 Pierce Bronan's suit from Goldeneye - $9,800

Back in the mid-1990s, James Bond needed an actor who could take him into the 21st century - and Irish-born Pierce Brosnan was the man for the job.

Brosnan's first Bond adventure, Goldeneye, made quite an impact upon its release in 1995. And now collectors and investors have an opportunity to own the very suit worn by Bond in the film...

This cream linen Brioni suit and Turnbull & Asser sea island blue cotton shirt has Brosnan's name stamped on the inside, and is available to collectors and investors priced £5,950 ($9,800).

#4 A prop Walther PPK from The Living Daylights - £7,200

Sold in a display case, this Walther PPK was used in the scene where James Bond, then played by Timothy Dalton, ambushes General Pushkin (John Rhys Davies) in his hotel room in Tangiers.

Bond's Walther PPK pistol

The same gun was also used in License to Kill, Dalton's other Bond outing, as a Foley prop - or sound effects prop - to create the noise of Bond's gun skidding across the floor of an aquarium.

It sold in a Bonhams Rock 'n' Roll memorabilia auction in 2005.

#3 A signed copy of Moonraker, Ian Fleming's third novel - $50,400

Sold at Swann Auction Galleries' on Thursday, April 8 this year, the first edition novel is bound within black cloth covers stamped in silver, encased within the book's well-known "firey" design.

In exemplary condition, Fleming's inside inscription reads: "To Eileen M. Cond Who cannot be easily shocked! from Ian Fleming - 1955."

The book caused frenetic bidding at Swann, and the upper estimate of $25,000 was doubled before the winning bidder took home their prize for $50,400.

#2 Oddjob’s steel-rimmed bowler hat from Goldfinger

The top selling items of Bond memorabilia aren't necessarily all from the inventory of the suave agent himself. The costumes worn by the film series' iconic villains can also get a look-in.

Ten years ago, Oddjob’s steel-rimmed bowler hat, from the 1964 film Goldfinger, sold for £62,000 at auction.

#1 The "James Bond" 1965 Aston Martin DB5 Coupe - $2.09m

This piece of automotive wish fulfillment is one of four James Bond cars built for private collectors eager to have their very own example of "The Most Famous Car in the World" (as Dave Worrall's book on the DB5 calls it).

A smooth drive: the "James Bond" Aston Martin DB5 Coupe

Sold in "time warp original condition", this example was driven by Sean Connery as James Bond in the cinematic outings Goldfinger and Thunderball.

It's capable of 282hp and 3,995cc at 6,000rpm, and boasts dual overhead camshafts, a five-speed manual gearbox, four-wheel independent suspension and four-wheel disc brakes.

Other gadgets include Browning machine guns, tyre slashers, an oil slick ejector and a retractable rear bullet-proof screen.

The Aston Martin DB5 roared into the popular consciousness with the release of the James Bond epic Goldfinger in 1964. Since then, no other car has so completely captured the imagination of generations of filmgoers, and car collectors and enthusiasts.

It was sold at RM Auctions in 2006, having brought £5,000 when last sold in 1970.


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