How to pay the kids' college fees...

We had a call from The Guardian last week, one of the biggest national newspapers in the UK.

They were writing an article about the Twilight movie franchise, and asked if would be able to comment on Twilight memorabilia.

Is there a market for it? What to look out for? What might be worth money in years to come?

In case you didn't know, the Twilight sagas are vampire movies based on the books of Stephenie Meyer.

If you have a teenage daughter I'm sure you'll have seen a poster of the movie's star, Robert Pattinson, on her bedroom wall.

The first Twilight book was published in 2005 and an estimated 42m copies have been sold since.

The books have now been printed in 39 countries, and the latest book sold 1.3m copies on the first day.

The movies have been equally popular.

The latest Twilight film generated $30m in the US on its first night alone. Interestingly it broke the world record for first night receipts, beating Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince which generated $22m.

So our answer to The Guardian was of course, there is a market. A big market.

And it's a market that does seem to be undervalued when compared to the memorabilia of JK Rowling and Harry Potter.

So I say it's time to encourage the kids to collect.

If they can source quality items relating to author Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight films then there's every opportunity they could be paying their own way through college in years to come.

Harry Potter is a great example.

When the books were first published in 1997 nobody expected the Boy Wizard to become a global phenomenon.

Harry Potter is the highest grossing film series of all time with $5.4bn worldwide receipts. And the books haven't done badly either with 450m sold around the world.

First edition books (that would have cost a few dollars at the time) are now selling for $10,000. If you managed to get JK Rowling to sign one you'd now be looking at $25,000.

Non-first edition books, signed by JK Rowling, sell for £1,250 ($1,875) - which could still be considered a bargain given the huge interest.

Signed Harry Potter: Available at £1,250 ($1,875)
Signed Harry Potter: Available at £1,250 ($1,875)

These markets probably won't fully mature for 10-15 years when the children of today are set in their careers and have the disposable income to invest in their childhood passions.

Recent world records at comic book auctions confirm this reasoning. Superman and Batman have both reached the magical $1m mark this year.

There's no doubt that the world is witnessing a rise in nostalgia-driven investment.

With such devoted fan bases it's worth looking out for both Twilight and JK Rowling/Harry Potter memorabilia.

The prices of signed books have escalated dramatically over the last 10 years, but history suggests the big rises are still to come.

It's certainly an alternative way to pay the college fees.



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