Enter this market before November 22

Key anniversaries can make a huge difference in memorabilia values - just look at the string of superb prices achieved for Titanic memorabilia in 2012 - the centenary year of its sinking.

For collectors looking to sell their memorabilia, anniversaries such as these are exciting affairs.

The media coverage anniversaries produce can create or reignite considerable interest among the public for that person or event - bringing with it an increased demand for related memorabilia.

And where you have a larger number of buyers fighting over a strictly limited number of pieces, prices can only rise.

I imagine that if you're considering selling your John F Kennedy memorabilia, you will be holding off until November this year - the 50th anniversary of his fateful shooting.

John F Kennedy election poster
This election poster is currently available for ?�4,000 (approx. $6,100)

Yet for those of you thinking of entering the JFK memorabilia market, whether solely as a collector, or with an eye on future value, now is really the time to buy, before prices reach a whole new level.

The value of Kennedy's autograph has been growing at a rate of 12.4% pa since 2000. I anticipate a significant rise in that figure over the coming few years, such is the boost to his profile the anniversary will provide.

A big market set to go bigger

And if you needed evidence of the current demand for Kennedy collectibles, the past week provided it, with Kennedy's bomber jacket auctioning for $629,000 and a schedule of his final hours making $65,000.

What price could these items command a few months from now, when the Kennedy name is at the forefront of potential buyers' minds around the world?

If you agree with me that this is a market set to go even bigger, you may want to take a look at the several JFK items we currently have in stock - priced at today's value as opposed to their market worth in November.

Until next week,


Paul Fraser

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