Cheryl Cole shows she still has X-factor as her dresses raise $94,000 for charity

Well it seems Cheryl Cole does have the X-factor after all - at least so far as her dresses are concerned.

Last month, shortly after she was dropped by the show in America, the singer put 20 of her frocks, playsuits and costumes up for sale.

The auction was held on the website of online fashion retailer ASOS, and the money raised will go to charity, focusing on causes in Cole's native north-east region through her newly established Cheryl Cole Foundation, working together with The Princes Trust.

Cheryl Cole
Cheryl Cole, as she appears on the ASOS website, wearing one of the dresses

Dresses in the sale included Cole's extravagant Phillip Lim playsuit, which she wore at the X Factor audition in 2009, which would normally cost £318.50 ($524) and her Hervé Léger bandage dress from a night out in 2008. It would have cost £1,300 ($2,139) new.

In total, the dresses have finally raised £48,000 ($77,500), to which ASOS has added another £10,000 for the charity. She is reported to be delighted.

Cole's dresses may or may not retain their value in future - that will depend on how the rest of her career pans out. Recently we've seen some extraordinary prices reached for clothing worn by stars, most famously Marilyn Monroe's $5.6m 'subway' dress.

Whilst Cole's garments are never likely to be in that league (hardly anything is), it will be interesting to see if they hold or improve their value in the way that items worn by stars such as Madonna do.


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