1860 Lincoln campaign flag achieves $20,000 at Heritage Auctions

A Lincoln campaign flag for the 1860 US presidential election has sold for $20,000 at Heritage Auctions.

It provided the headline lot of the Americana and Political Signature Auction on July 30 in Dallas.

Lincoln Wide Awake
The Lincoln campaign flag dates to the 1860 US presidential election

The flag is printed in bold "For President, Abram Lincoln. For Vice President, Hannibal Hamlin" and is thought to have been carried by the Wide Awakers - legions of young Republicans who paraded in torch lit processions in support of their candidate.

The organisation would briefly evolve into a paramilitary organisation during the early days of the civil war, leading to the formation of their southern counterparts the Minutemen.

We have these wallpaper scraps from Abraham Lincoln's bedroom in Springfield, Illinois available.

A potentially unique variant of a Coolidge & Dawes campaign badge (the portraits are blue rather than the usual black and white) made $12,187.

It's thought the lot was probably a sample and never entered full production.

Coolidge and Dawes would win the 1923 election, which was held following the death of the incumbent Warren G Harding.

An exceptionally rare full colour badge for William Jenning Bryan also sold well, achieving $9,375.

Bryan was a populist figure for the Democrats and stood for president on three separate, unsuccessful occasions. He also campaigned against Darwinism, most notably in the famous Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925.

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