Video: coin auction boasts 'earliest US numismatic coins'

Here's a look ahead to's (Heritage Auctions) January 2012 US Coins Signature Auction. The sale will be held in Orlando, Florida.

The various rare and historic coins appearing for sale include an 1829 BD-1 Large Date Half Eagle coin (graded PR64), otherwise known as "The Garrett Specimen".

This coin is unique, being the only certified proof example of its type.

According to Mint records, 57,442 examples of the 1829 half eagle were originally struck. Yet these coins - including the Large Date and Small Date varieties - have been known as important rarities since as far back as the 1860s.

Collectors have since made new discoveries about this coin. These include some "intricacies" of its design which have only recently become known - largely because 1829 was a transitional year between the manufacture of 'open collar/Large Date' coins and 'close collar/Small Date' coins.

1776 $1 Continental Dollar-coin
Small piece of coin history: the 1776 $1 Continental Dollar

Also auctioning at Heritage is this 1776 $1 Continental Dollar (EG FECIT MS67 NGC. Newman 3-D, Hodder 3-B, W-8460, Low R.4) coin, pictured above.

This piece was once listed in Jeff Garrett and Ron Guth's 100 Greatest US Coins at 12th place - making it a very special coin indeed.

Garrett and Guth wrote:

"In 1776, American Patriotism reached a fever pitch. The Revolutionary War was already well under way, and America's representatives felt confident enough to declare independence from Great Britain on July 4. To celebrate their newly found independence and to show the world that they were part of a sovereign nation capable of producing its own money, the Continental Congress initiated a plan to produce the first American coins."

You can find out more about this coin and others for sale at's upcoming January auction in our above Video of the Week.

Watch this space for more news on Heritage Auctions' sale.

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