US 1792 copper disme could beat $150,000 at Heritage

A US 1792 copper disme carries a minimum bid of $150,000 at Heritage Auctions.

It's part of a selection of rare US coins offered in the September 17-20 Long Beach numismatic expo.

Heritage 1792 disme
The 1792 copper disme is one of around 20 surviving specimens

The lot is one of a series of dismes produced during the early 1790s that played with the depiction of Liberty.

Other examples from the era show her with hairstyles that were in fashion at the time.

The auction house explains: "The 1792 reeded edge copper disme is the most available of the 1792 patterns, but remains rare in an absolute sense. Fewer than 20 examples are traced, similar to the Getz silver half dollars of the same year.

"The population profile is similar to that of the silver half disme. A disproportionate number of high grade examples survive, yet, at the same time, a good number of coins exhibit signs of circulation."

Other lots on offer include an 1877 pattern $50 with an opening bid of $50,000.

Heritage will also host a sale of world coins, headlined by a gold 1898 South African "tickey" coin.

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