Tipu Sultan gold pagoda coin makes $29,000 at Baldwin's

A gold pagoda minted under Indian ruler Tipu Sultan (1750-1799) was the highlight of the first day of the David Fore Collection's third and final instalment at Baldwin's on September 25.

The coin exceeded its £6,000 ($9,615) high estimate to make £18,000 ($28,881) - an increase of 208%. It was struck at the Patan mint in Mysore in Southern India, and features Persian inscriptions on both sides.

gold Pagoda Tipu Sultan
The mohur was struck in Mysore under the reign of Tipu Sultan

In addition to the pagoda, an number of lots at the auction exceeded their estimates by a considerable degree.

A Kaurali gold mohur also performed well, selling for £17,000 ($27,278) against a £7,000-9,000 ($11,232-14,441) valuation. The rare coin was struck around 1888 under Bhanwar Pal.

A circa 1913-1922 Cooch Behar gold mohur, feauturing an elephant and lion around a heraldic shield, sold for £16,000 ($25,678) - an increase of 100% over its £5,000-8,000 ($8,024-12,839) estimate.

An extremely fine and very rare machine struck mohur from the region of Tehri Garhwa, dating to 1835 or later, achieved £16,000 ($25,677) against its estimate of £3,000-4,000 ($4,814-6,419).

Badrinath is referenced on the reverse of the coin, likely referring to the famous Hindu temple on the banks of the Alakananda river - an area that was part of Garhwal before the British conquest in 1815.

The sale will conclude later today (September 26). You can read more about the first and second instalments of the sale here.

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