Rare Federal banknote brings $100k

The fun has already begun for numismatists in the opening weeks of 2010 at Heritage's annual Florida United Numismatics (FUN) auction.

As we previously reported, high profile sales have included the 1913 Olsen Liberty Nickel, auctioned for an incredible $3.7m, and the Canadian 'Dot Cent' sold for $402,500.

The 1934 note sold for $97.75k in Heritage's live auction

Aside from coins, the auction also featured a number of exceptionally valuable banknotes, among them an uncirculated $5,000 Light Green Seal Federal Reserve Note from 1934.

The note sold last Thursday, for an impressive $97,750.

It originated in Dallas, which remains one of the most avidly collected districts for Federal Reserve Notes, especially for high denominations.

High denomination Federal Reserve notes from Dallas are among the most collectible

Billed by Heritage as its "finest example" from the district to appear at auction in five years, the note boasts fresh bright paper, a colourful overprint and four sizeable margins with razor-sharp corners.

In evidence of its authenticity, the note bears a serial number officially recorded as uncirculated.

Some lots are still open for live bidding, more details on which can be found at Heritage's website. Alternatively you can view our list of other exceptional, rare and valuable coins which are currently available on the market.


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