Fifth century Sicilian tetradrachm to headline Morton & Eden sale

A Sicilian tetradrachm produced in the city of Naxos in the fifth century BC is among the highlights at Morton & Eden's June 10-11 sale in London.

It carries an estimate of ?�30,000 ($50,416).

tetradrachm Sicilian coin
The tetradrachm was minted in the city of Naxos in the fifth century BC

The coin was minted to commemorate the return of the people of Naxos to their home city after a period of forced exile instigated by Hieron of Syracuse between 476 and 461 BC.

The entire known issue was struck from the same pair of dies and are considered among the finest coins of their era. The head of Dionysius appears on the obverse while the reverse features the figure of the satyr Silenos.

The sale spans eras and countries, with an English James II five guineas providing another important highlight.

The coin dates to 1687 and was designed by John Roettiers - widely regarded as the best British engraver of his era. Each contains an average gold purity of 0.9%.

We have this lightweight Unite coin produced during the reign of Charles I - grandfather to James II.

A Russian 10 kopeck issued in 1803 is estimated to make ?�15,000 ($25,208).

The coin was issued under the reign of Alexander I and is offered in mint condition - making it exceptionally rare.

We have a range of rare coins from across Europe available.

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