Edward VI gold sovereign among highlights at Spink

An Edward VI gold sovereign is among the highlights of an Ancient, British and Foreign coin sale at Spink London on March 25.

It carries an estimate of £16,000-18,000 ($24,169-27,191).

gold sovereign Spink
The sovereign was introduced under the reign of Henry VII

The lot was produced at the Tower of London between 1550 and 1553. Edward, the son of Henry VIII and third wife Jane Seymour, was one of the youngest English kings to take the throne (he was nine at the time of his coronation in 1547).

His death in 1553 threw England into chaos, leading to a Catholic takeover by Mary I.

The first sovereign was introduced under the reign of Edward's grandfather, Henry VII, in 1489. It was the largest coin in Europe at the time and was designed to advertise English wealth and prestige.

Spink describes the present lot as "a hard coin to grade but overall nearly very fine or possibly better".

A 1733 Phillip V Mexican eight reales is valued at £10,000-15,000 ($15,106-22,659).

The coin was issued in Mexico City and is described as extremely rare. Similar specimens have sold in excess of $20,000. 

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