$70k bids for 1931-D Double Eagle

Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle $20 coins are amongst some of the most desirable rare coins to numismatists in existence, and a 1927-D graded MS66 sold for $1.5m at Heritage's FUN auction earlier this month.

Some are rarer than others, of course, and recently some high quality examples from certain years and mints came onto the market. This is due to the salvaging of gold-bearing ships from California, and the opportunities to own very high grade coins in these categories have increased.

However, some examples are not likely to find such a back up. One such coin in the 1931-D, an example of which is currently leading Heritage Auctions' sale of rare coins and gold.

Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle $20 gold coin
Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle 1931-D

Although not the least common, the 1931-D is a conditional rarity, and the MS64 graded piece on offer has just 15 coins of that type graded higher.

Already carrying bids of $70,000, it is possible that the piece will achieve six figures by or after the live auction which takes place at Long Beach, California on February 4-7.


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