1913 Chinese government bonds could be worth a fortune

A collection of 85 Chinese government bonds dating to 1913 will feature in a sale at David Lay in Penzance, UK on July 10-11.

Chinese government bonds
Each sheet of government bonds could be worth around $6.1m

While there is no estimate on the lot, another set sold for ?�3,000 ($5,102) in May - despite an initial valuation of ?�50-80.

David Lay commented on the hike in value: "They originate from the Reorganization Gold Loan of 1913 for the sum of ?�25,000,000... to assist the fledgling government of the Republic of China.

"It seems that the bonds are selling for so much because, according to international law, subsequent governments are required to pay out for bonds issued by the previous government."

In other words, each sheet is potentially worth up to ?�3.6m ($6.1m) - although the path to claiming the money is likely to be long, arduous and potentially fruitless.

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