1893 Morgan dollar realises $235,000 at Heritage Auctions

An 1893 Morgan dollar made $235,000 at Heritage Auctions' US Coins Signature Auction in New York on November 1.

Only around 100,000 of the coins were ever minted, due to an oversupply of silver dollars combined with an extended period of financial panic that caused a number of financial institutions to fail.

1893 silver dollar Heritage
The 1893 Morgan silver dollar has the lowest mintage of any regular Morgan dollar

In 1918, many of those 100,000 were melted down and used to mint subsidiary coins or were shipped to Britain to aid the war effort.

One of the most desirable US coins at any grade, the 1893 Morgan silver dollar is a classic numismatic item.

The coin is graded MS64 - a real rarity - and features a superb strike, evidenced by the almost fully delineated hair over Liberty's ear. It features light marks and toning but is in otherwise good condition.

An 1839 50 cent no drapery realised $223,250, and is the finest example among just five known proofs.

1839 No drapery 50c
The 1839 no drapery 50 cent is one of only five known proofs

The coin is named for the lack of drapery under Liberty's left arm, a design by Christian Gobrecht that was amended later that year - as the simplicity of the design made it more prone to wear.

It features pale gold at the centre, along with excellent detail. Minor hairline cracks are evident.

A 1799 7 x 6 stars dollar also performed well at the sale, selling for $211,500. It is one of the finest examples of its type, although it features numerous die cracks and minor wear.

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