1793 one cent Chain to headline Heritage sale at $60,000

A 1793 one cent Chain graded AU55 is to headline the auction of the Adam Mervis Large Cent Collection at Heritage Auctions in Orlando, Florida on January 10.

It carries an opening bid of $60,000.

Chain cent 1793 US
The 1793 US Chain cents were the first coins to be struck by the US Mint

The coin was the first to be produced by the US Mint and features a minimal design in comparison to later examples. A young liberty appears on the front, while the reverse features a chain with 15 interlocking links, representing the colonies of the United States.

When released, the coin was received poorly by commentators and the public, with some seeing the chain as representative of slavery and others criticising Liberty's unkempt appearance. Only around 36,000 were produced, and a new design was rushed out the same year.

A 1795 one cent Reeded Edge graded VG10 will open at $26,000.

The coin is the finest of nine known examples with reeded edges, thought to have been produced by the mint for comparison with the standard plain edged examples.

It has been heavily handled and features a nick under the seven, although this does not detract from its value given its exceptional rarity.

Bidding for a 1793 Strawberry Leaf cent will open at $16,000.

A design modification of the wreath cent, which replaced the chain cent in 1793, the Strawberry Leaf is among the rarest US cents known, with only four registered examples.

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