Ringo Starr’s Mini Cooper will lead at Bonhams

Ringo Starr’s modified 1966 Mini Cooper S Radford Conversion is expected to sell for up to £120,000 ($158,083) in Bonhams' Bond Street Sale.

Ringo acquired the car in 1967.

He got it through Beatles manager Brian Epstein, who knew a seller that could get the band a great deal on some new Minis.

Ringo Starr Mini

The Mini has been modified to Ringo's requirements 

All four sent off their new Minis to luxury coachbuilder Radford of London, where they were outfitted to each band member’s exacting specifications.

Ringo went for a walnut dashboard, racing seats and a modified boot and back seat so he could fit in his drum kit (no mean feat in a Mini).

A spokesperson for Bonhams told the Daily Express: "Two British icons in one is a rare treat, and that is exactly what we have here.

"A fantastic looking mini with an exciting ownership history such as this will surely attract a lot of attention at auction.

"It is in fantastic condition, and typifies the fun, glamour and excitement of the swinging Sixties.”

That combination may well prove irresistible to buyers at the December 2 sale.

Other Beatle cars have sold for similar sums in the past, with John Lennon’s modified Austin Princess achieving $159,500 at an auction in January this year.  

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