HAGI Classic Car Index tracks growth for Mercedes-Benz

The HAGI Classic Car Index reports that the value of Mercedes-Benz models increased by 0.27% in May - up 3.18% this year to date.

Top marques other than Porsche and Ferrari also grew by 0.38% to 2.79%.

Mercedes-Benz experienced price growth in May despite a market slow down for Ferrari and Porsche

However, it was bad news for Porsche and Ferrari, both of which dropped significantly. In total the index's top 50 classic cars fell by a disappointing 2.16% during the month. 

The index, which tracks the performance of classic cars from the pre-war years through to the present day, rose significantly in April.

It reached an all time high, exceeding the previous record set in September 2014.

HAGI asserts May's results are likely a market correction, exacerbated by a global fall in equities, and are unlikely to represent a decline in the overall health of the market.

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