'Flying' car prototype to see over $130,000 at Barrett-Jackson?

A flying car prototype will be offered at Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale auction on January 10-18, despite having never left the ground.

The Sky Commuter was designed for vertical take off, allowing drivers stuck in traffic to rise above it all

The car, called a Sky Commuter, was created by Sky Innovations in 1990, formed by former Boeing employees.

It sank $6m into making the car, which was said to be capable of flying at 85 miles an hour over 225 miles.

However, the company's claims of successful test flights were never backed up by any evidence, and the film folded soon after.

This is one of three prototypes made, but is thought to be the only example to have survived. It was last sold on eBay in 2008 for around $130,000, with the lot description at the time stating its body is made from carbon fibre and kevlar, with an electric joystick and two foot pedals on each side, meaning it could be controlled from either seat.

However, the engine is now missing, and there is only a simulated fan assembly in the nacelle.

The three-wheeler is to be offered with no reserve. The remainder of the auction concentrates on Ron Pratte's amazing collection that includes a GM Futurliner and the fabled 1966 Shelby Cobra Super Snake.

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