Classic $0.4m Corvette stars in Mecum Auctions' rare Chevrolet sale


Mecum Auctions' sale of rare and classic Chevrolet Corvette's was a roaring success last Friday and Saturday, June 24 and 25, as the top lots sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Bringing home the highest amount was this 1971 ZR2 Convertible in dark orange, which eventually went for $410,000.

There was a lot of interest in this classic, an extremely rare model of which only 12 were ever made. Just two of these were convertibles.


Looking striking in orange, this $410,000 Chevy was made for speed

Built purely for speed and performance, the ZR2 packs a punch with 425-brake-horsepower, M22 4 speed transmission and special springs.

There is no wasted space on this lean-machine, and its rarity and quality made it a truly brilliant lot.

Coming in as the second most valuable car from the sale was the 1958 4-speed convertible, which is altogether a different type of classic.

The much more relaxed model was built for luxury with its unique style, encapsulated by its elaborate grill, Batmobile-like trunk and side vents. It sold for $142,500.


This amazing looking Corvette deservedly sold for $142,500

One thing that Chevrolet cannot be accused of is making all their Corvette's follow the same conventional design patterns, making each seem totally different to the last.

Alongside the elegance of the 1958 4-speed was the rather bulkier 1967 Chevrolet Convertible.

Again it broke the $100,000 mark, and its high value stems largely from the fact that it is a 'survivor'. That is to say, it is a well-preserved and totally original car.

Founder of Bloomington Gold, the Corvette owners club, David Burroughs always urges owners not to restore their cars but to maintain them as well as possible. Those that have been, like this Marlboro Maroon 1967 427, are highly sought after as a result. No surprise, then, that it made $132,500.

Five other cars in the sale also made more than $100,000, showing how good an alternative investment these classic cars are.


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