Batman Forever... in the garage: $165,000 Batmobile must stay hidden after US sale

As we reported last week, a unique model of Batman's famous car - the Batmobile - was due to be auctioned this week in Fort Lauderdale, USA.  The vehicle in question was used in the 1995 film 'Batman Forever', starring Val Kilmer, and is considered one of the most distinct, if divisive, Batmobiles ever conceived.

With its large 'fin' at the rear and unusual chassis, the Batman Forever Batmobile is very recognisable, but has split Batfans down the middle ever since the film's release - some love it, some hate it.

Originally purchased by Al Wiseman in 2007 for $297,000, the car - which has a Chevrolet V8 engine - allegedly cost $2.5m to build.  The car was offered by Auctions America on March 5 with an estimate of $200,000-275,000.


The 'marmite' Batmobile from 1995

The controversial Batmobile fell short, realising only $165,000.  The 'marmite' nature of the car may have contributed to this underwhelming result, but others have speculated the terms and conditions attached to the vehicle have been decisive.

The buyer, who is unknown, is bound by a purchase agreement with Warner Brothers - the producers of Batman Forever - and DC Comics.  The somewhat draconian contract prevents the owner from driving the car - unless he or she is having it repaired.

Even then, the Batmobile cannot be driven in public view.  It can only be exhibited when stationary, cannot be modified or reproduced, and cannot even be sold on without the permission of Warner Brothers and DC.

It therefore seems that, much like the Dark Knight himself, the 1995 Batmobile will remain elusive and mysterious - a disappointment for some, but great news for others.


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