Back in time: replica Back To The Future time machine travels to $112,920

Not long after its cast - including stars Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd - appeared for a reunion and question and answer screening from the 25th anniversary of Back To The Future in Florida, memorabilia from the classic '80s movie was auctioned by Profiles in History.

Anniversaries often boost memorabilia values, and this sale was no exception. In the end, a faithful replica of the film serie's iconic Delorean car time machine - used by teenager Marty McFly (Fox) to visit his parents in 1955 - took top honours in the auction, rolling to $112,920.

Where it's going, it doesn't need roads: the replica Delorean time machine

Another highlight was a high-tech 're-sizing' jacket worn by McFly in the future, in the film's 1989 first sequel.

"When Doc Brown (Lloyd) and Marty arrive in the year 2015, Doc asks Marty McFly [played by Fox] to put on clothes similar to Marty Jr [his son in 2015]. To help him pass for a contemporary teenager, Doc Brown gives Marty the latest in high-tech outerwear," read Profiles in History's lots notes.

In the film, the jacket 'shrinks' to fit Marty. In reality, Fox was surrounded by a team of special effects experts operating electrical wires.

Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) in his re-sizing jacket, in the year 2015

"All the cables, wires and even the flashing light button are still attached," read the lot notes. [This is] one of the rarest and most sought-after props from one of the most iconic Sci-Fi movies ever made [and] comes with a custom plexiglass display case."

In the end, the high-tech suit realised a final price of $88,720. Meanwhile, another item of 'year 2015 clothing', a pair of self-lacing trainers brought £16,450.

The sale marked yet another successful auction of memorabilia for Profiles in History - and was evidence that Back To The Future's cinema legacy is still going strong. Also among the star lots was a 1939 Superman comic, sold for £106,460.


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