1946 Vincent HRD 1X prototype valued at $450,000

A 1946 Vincent HRD 1X prototype series B V-twin is the headline lot of Bonhams' January 8 Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction with an estimate of $350,000-450,000.

The bike is the prototype for the series B model. Photos exist showing company founder Philip Vincent and assorted members of the press taking it for a test-drive.

1946 Vincent bike
The 1946 Vincent series B is an important British motorbike

The bike was restored by enthusiast Herb Harris. Bonhams explained: "Long thought to have been scrapped, 1X resurfaced decades later in a British online auction, but just the engine.

"Using those 1946 photos as his guide, Harris has recreated the very first post-war Vincent, the blueprint for some of the most important motorcycles ever, one that looks as if Philip Vincent himself has just parked it after a spirited test run."

Also on offer is a 1938 Brough Superior, which carries an estimate of $325,000-375,000.

The lot has achieved several best in show awards at various concours d'elegance across the US. Current owner Jack Wells describe it as "absolutely gorgeous.

"Besides being beautiful, it's a very good rider, and starts easily. If it's been sitting in my mezzanine for 4 or 5 months, I put new gas in and it fires right up. Plenty of Brough collectors have ridden it, and confirmed it's a first-class machine."

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