Nuremberg trials archive will auction in Jerusalem on January 29

An archive of documents used to prosecute Nazi leaders at the Nuremberg trials is valued at $5,000-6,000 ahead of a January 29 sale at Kedem Auction House in Jerusalem.

The lot comprises 520 documents from the Nazi regime which were used to convict high ranking Nazis.

Nuremberg document archive Kedem
The archive contains thousands of documents pertaining to the Nuremberg trials

More than 2,000 pages, newspaper clippings and other ephemera relating to the trial are also included.

These include a binder relating to Adolf Eichmann (lieutenant colonel of the US), the testimony of Rudolf Hoss (commander of Auschwitz) and a series of decoded documents relating to the Einsatzgruppen (the infamous Nazi death squads).

The Nuremberg trials were the first instance of perpetrators of war crimes being prosecuted in court.

Of the 23 high ranking officials tried, 12 were sentenced to hang. This number includes Hermann Goring, who took his own life the night before the execution.

The documents were formerly the property of Isaac A Stone, an Estonian-American who worked in Berlin after the war, gathering evidence for the prosecution.

He is known among the Jewish community as the "Tzaddik (righteous one) of Nuremberg" for his work feeding and clothing Holocaust survivors, as well as tracking down lost family members. He later became a professor of history in the US.

The Important Judaica sale will also include a handwritten pamphlet from the Chatam Sofer - an important Orthodox rabbi.

We have this typed, signed letter from Winston Churchill for sale.

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