Junyi Cao's China map valued at up to $763,000

A rare copy of Junyi Cao's 1644 map of China is expected to make £300,000-500,000 ($457,708-762,847) at Christie's London on December 1.

The lot is one of only three surviving copies.

map cao junyi
Junyi Cao was a Ming dynasty era cartographer

Titled "Tianxia jiubian fenyie renji lucheng quantu" (or "a comprehensive map of the kingdom of China and neighbouring countries"), the lot is the last map produced during the Ming dynasty.

It displays the increasing western influence on the nation with the first use of latitude and longitude seen on a Chinese map.

At the time it was produced, Ming China was under attack from the Manchurians, and the map indicates the various occupied territories.

The empire would fall less than a year later.

A first and limited edition copy of James Joyce's Ulysses is valued at £50,000-80,000 ($76,284-122,055).

It's printed on Dutch handmade paper and is numbered 47 of 100. It was rebound in 1965.

Christie's explains: "The first printing consisted of 1,000 copies, divided into three various limitations. The first 100 copies were printed on fine handmade paper, numbered 1-100, and signed by Joyce.

"Copies 101-250 were also printed on handmade paper, though of a lesser grade than the first 100, and were not signed by Joyce.

"The final 750 copies were numbered 251-1,000, printed on the least expensive stock of paper, and like the previous limitation, were not signed by Joyce."

The record for a copy of Ulysses is £275,000 ($418,948), set for a copy with its original cover in 2009.  

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