You chose the winner. Now consider this prize

It's official. The results are in.

The Autograph World Cup has a winner.

You crowned Albert Einstein as your most prized signature.

The iconic German genius surged to victory.

And I have to say I agree. He certainly had my vote.

Because owning an Einstein signature is a major achievement.

A rare, valuable, once-in-a-lifetime acquisition.

And what's more...

It shows you're serious about your autograph collection.

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One of history's greatest minds. And one of collecting's greatest autographs.

So consider this...

So if you collect rare historic signatures...

And you're given the opportunity to own Albert Einstein's autograph...

It's something you need to seriously consider.

Especially when the price is right. And the item is this good.

Because this is a completely unique piece.

There isn't another collector with one of these anywhere in the world.

It's a wonderful, original hand-drawn portrait of Einstein.

  • Superbly signed and dated by Einstein in 1949
  • With strong visual appeal, ideal for display
  • And offered with a truly charming backstory

This is your chance to boost your collection with one of history's most important autographs. A real trophy piece. So if you like the sound of that...

Read on.

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This rare Albert Einstein signed portrait is one of my favourite stock items of 2022.

Portrait of a genius

This original ink portrait was the work of artist Clement E. Campbell in 1949.

It perfectly captures Einstein as we know him today.

The wild tangle of white hair. The bushy moustache. The smile of a man who finds the whole universe fascinating.

Campbell's skilful use of pen and ink brings this portrait to life.

It's a delightful piece of vintage artwork.

Drawn on an off-white sheet measuring 6” x 8” and presented in fine condition.

And the signature beneath transforms it into something remarkable.

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Albert Einstein's name - and his iconic appearance - have come to define the term "genius".

By the same hand that wrote "E=MC2"

This is a classic example of Albert Einstein's signature.

Clearly signed "A. Einstein" in fountain pen ink, and dated "49".

It's one of the most sought-after autographs in the entire hobby.

Signed by the same hand that wrote "E=MC2", history's most famous equation that changed physics forever.

If you're a serious collector, it doesn't get much better than that.

When Einstein signed this portrait, six years before his death, he was consumed by his ideas of a Unified Field Theory.

But in the midst of such important work, he found time to reply to a humble request from a proud family man.

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Signed by the same hand that first wrote "E=MC2" - and changed scientific history forever.

From father to son

Clement E. Campbell was a collector and a talented amateur artist.

In 1949 he sent this portrait to Einstein at Princeton University, with a charming covering letter.

(Campbell's own copy of the typed letter is included with his drawing.)

He politely asked Einstein for his autograph on the artwork, and explained:

“I'm following up my pastime as a hobby to provide something of a treasure for my three sons as they travel through their school years.”

That's an honourable goal many collectors will recognise.

Einstein knew it would be passed down proudly by a father to his children.

It was a piece to inspire them. That's surely why he signed it.

But he could never have imagined how valuable it would become.

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Einstein signed the portrait and kindly returned it after receiving this charming letter from the artist.

A prize for the future

As we've proved, Einstein's signature is a prize every collector wants to own.

And the market clearly backs that up.

These auction prices were achieved in the last 18 months alone:

  • A signed copy of his famous 'tongue' photograph sold for $76,600
  • A letter featuring his famous equation “E=MC2” sold for $1.2 million
  • A 56-page manuscript on his Theory of Relativity sold for $13 million

It's hard to think of another historic figure that achieves stronger results. But it doesn't take a genius to understand why.

Because Einstein changed the way we understand the universe. His brilliance will be celebrated for centuries.

And anything he wrote or signed is a major piece of history.

So if you're building your collection for the future, you can rest assured;

Just like his theories, Einstein's memorabilia will stand the test of time.When you have the rare opportunity to own an Einstein piece of this quality, you should take it.

A rare opportunity

This portrait is a magnificent piece for your collection.

A rare Albert Einstein autograph with a wonderful backstory.

It's one of the most visually attractive Einstein items you could wish to own. It's beautifully signed and preserved.

And you can pass it down to inspire your own family - just as Einstein originally intended when he signed it 73 years ago.In today's market Einstein signed photographs can sell for over $75,000.

Those prices are only going up.

And every year that goes by, his signature becomes even rarer.

But the demand just gets stronger. The results our our vote show that.

So right now, given the chance to own an Albert Einstein signed portrait...

My theory is: you should take it.

You can purchase this one now for just £14,995 ($18,635).

Purchase Now

This signed portrait comes with a Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee of Authenticity, and my own Certificate of Authenticity, backed up by 45 years as an autograph dealer.

You'll also receive free shipping, wherever you are in the world.

So think to yourself:

How many collectors can say they own Albert Einstein's autograph?

And how many will ever own it on a display piece this good?

Not manyBut you can be one of them.

So contact me today at

Or call me on +44 (0)117 933 9500.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time,

Paul Fraser.

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