Tsar Nicholas II letters up 757% in Romanov's record auction

Four letters from the Russian Tsar Nicholas II, consigned from the personal collection of Nicholas Romanov, have sold with outstanding results, setting a new auction record for letters by Nicholas II, in Geneva yesterday (December 11).

Tsar Nicholas II letters auction
The tsar was deeply concerned about his troops after losing the Japanese-Russo war

The letters were purchased for $129,000, or $32,250 each, making a huge 757.1% increase on the $15,000 high estimate. The winning bids came from a Monaco-based Russian collector, who bought several other items from his native country.

The letters came with stunning provenance, having been consigned to auction by HIH Prince Nicholas Romanov - a claimant to the headship of the House of Romanov and descendant of Tsar Nicholas I.

Romanov commented: "An outstanding result is always satisfying but it gives me great pleasure to know that these documents have been purchased by a single bidder who is keen on history.

"The fact that he is Russian makes it doubly satisfying."

The letters show Russia's involvement during the first world war and record the correspondence between the tsar and Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolayevich, who were close friends despite the tsar replacing him as commander of the Russian armed forces after the strategic retreat in 1915.

Grand Duke Nicholas campaign cap
Grand Duke Nicholas was removed from his role following Russia's tactical retreat

Grand Duke Nicholas' own campaign cap was also sold from Romanov's collection, and was the subject of a fierce bidding war. Originally valued at $860, it made a 3,004% increase to sell for $26,700.

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