Thomas Edison’s phonograph patent

Bidding on Thomas Edison’s original patent for an improved version of the phonograph stands at $1,425 in an auction at One of a Kind Collectibles.

The phonograph was Edison’s favourite invention.

Thomas Edison’s phonograph patent

Thomas Edison sent this patent off to India in 1890

Created in 1877, it was the first device capable of both recording and playing back sound.

The patent is addressed to the governor general of India.

After Edison secured his US patents, he made sure to do the same around the world so that his inventions wouldn’t be copied.

The auction house's David Gindy comments: “The American patent applications for Edison’s inventions are institutionalized and will not be available for sale, so this will be the very rare opportunity to acquire an actual signed patent by the great inventor, of what he considered his greatest invention.

“Very few of these type of documents are in existence in private hands.”

A 1901 bond signed by US industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie is at $1,025.


Andrew Carnegie built New York landmark Carnegie Hall 

Carnegie was the epitome of the self-made man.

Born into relative poverty in Scotland, his family immigrated to America in 1848. From an inauspicious start as a bobbin boy in a factory he became one of America’s richest men.

What has endured is his extraordinary legacy of philanthropy.

He’s famous for the public libraries he built across North America and the UK (2,509 in all) and the endowments he made to arts and education.

One of a Kind Collectibles will also offer an original cease fire agreement from Israel’s 1948 War of Independence.

The war was fought between Israel and a coalition of neighbouring Arab states.

The paper is signed by then Egyptian president Mahmoud El Nokrashy Pasha and dated October 21-22.

Unfortunately the pact didn’t stop pitched battles occurring and lasted only a couple of months before the fighting picked back up. 

The sale will close on April 13. Click here to view all the lots.

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