Sir Isaac Newton signed manuscript to exceed $6,000?

A manuscript signed by Sir Isaac Newton will cross the block at RR Auction on August 12.

The lot dates to August 14, 1717. Newton was appointed Warden of the Mint in 1696, a position that he held until his death.  

Newton Isaac signature
Sir Isaac Newton was a pioneering scientist and mathematician

It reads: "In pursuance of a Warrant…That You Deliver and Pay of such his Ma's Treasure as remains in your charge unto Sir Isaac Newton Kn't Master and Worker of his Ma's Mint or to his Assignees the Sum of five hundred Pounds…and upon account towards defraying the charge which the Coynage of Copper Half pence and farthings at the said Mint shall require to begin and carry on the same."

The auction house explains: "Any autographic material from Newton is exceedingly rare, with this being an especially remarkable example given its important numismatic content."

Bidding stands at $5,900.

A copy of Newton's Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (1687) sold for a record £338,500 ($528,220) in 2013.

Other lots in the sale include a pair of handwritten letters from James Joyce. Bidding is at $4,028.  

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