Prince William top-performing autograph of 2013

Prince William's autograph has outperformed all others in the last 12 months, reveals the 2013 edition of Paul Fraser Collectibles' PFC40 Autograph Index, released today.

• Prince William's signature is up 33.3% in value (from £1,500 to £2,000) in the past 12 months.
• Andy Warhol (up 28.2% since 2012) is the second best-performing autograph.
• The PFC40 has risen in value by 8.5% since 2012.
• The PFC40 has increased in value by 13.6% per annum since 2000.
• At £15,000, James Dean is the most valuable individual autograph.
• Fidel Castro and Nelson Mandela are the most valuable living signatures, at £3,500 each.

Prince William signature
We recently sold a rare example of Prince William's signature


Paul Fraser, founder of Paul Fraser Collectibles, comments: "Prince William is a new addition to the PFC40, a result of his growing popularity among autograph collectors following his marriage to Kate Middleton in 2011 and the recent birth of his son, Prince George.

"Members of the royal family very seldom sign autographs, making Prince William's signature hugely rare.

"One to watch over the coming year is John F Kennedy's signature.

"The 50th anniversary of his assassination, in November 2013, could bring a flood of new buyers into the market, boosting prices."

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Most valuable autographs in 2013:
• The Beatles: £27,000 (up 13.0% per annum since 2000)
• Moonwalkers: £16,000 (up 17.6% pa since 2000)
• James Dean: £15,000 (up 18.8% pa since 2000)

Best performing autographs between 2012-2013:
• Prince William: up 33.3% to £2,000
• Andy Warhol: up 28.2% to £2,500
• Muhammad Ali: up 25.0% to £1,500

Best performing autographs between 2000-2013:
• George Harrison: up 23.2% per annum to £2,950
• Neil Armstrong: up 22.8% pa to £7,950
• Paul McCartney: up 20.6% pa to £2,000

About the PFC40 Autograph Index:
The PFC40 Autograph Index has tracked the values of 40 of the world's most sought-after autographs since 2000. The prices given are an evaluation of the market value for a fully authenticated, museum-grade example, based on close monitoring of dealer and auction sales.

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