Neil Armstrong autograph up 26.05% since 2011, reveals PFC40 Autograph Index

Neil Armstrong has been the best performing autograph between 2011 and 2012, according to the latest figures from Paul Fraser Collectibles' PFC40 Autograph Index, which has been released today.

The 2012 edition of the index, which tracks the price performance of the 40 most sought-after autographs, has found that signed photos of Neil Armstrong have risen by 26.05% since 2011.

Paul Fraser, founder of Paul Fraser Collectibles, comments: "Prior to his death, Neil Armstrong was already one of the most valuable signatures on the market, due to his unsurpassable position as the first man on the Moon, and his reluctance to sign autographs.

"With a surge of demand following his death, values have reached a whole new level."

The price increase sees Armstrong place joint fifth in the list of most valuable individuals, which remains headed by James Dean.

Top 10 most valuable autographs 2012

James Dean £14,000 - up 12% since 2011, 19.81% pa since 2000

Bruce Lee £9,950 - up 15.58% pa since 2000

Lord Nelson £9,500 - up 14.87% pa since 2000

Princess Diana £8,950 - up 17.83% pa since 2000

Neil Armstrong £7,500 - up 26.05% since 2011, 24.32% pa since 2000

Albert Einstein £7,500 - up 7.91% since 2011, 12.89% pa since 2000

John F Kennedy £7,500 - up 12.37% pa since 2000

Marilyn Monroe £6,750 - up 7.14% pa since 2000

Sir Winston Churchill £6,500 - up 9.24% since 2011, 7.93% pa since 2000

John Lennon £6,500 - up 4% since 2011, 20.48% pa since 2000

View the full PFC40 Autograph Index here

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