Letters from acclaimed writers to sell at Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s is to offer a selection of letters from some of the world’s most acclaimed writers in an upcoming sale.

Among the highlights are two 1956 letters from Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkien to a reader that address the relation of Middle Earth’s geography to the real world.

JRR Tolkien letters

Tolkien gives some intriguing insights into Middle Earth's geography 

Tolkien writes: "As for geography, my original notion of clearly relating the land-mass to historical shapes (or prehistorical) proved too difficult; but in a general way there is of course supposed to be a relation; and I think your arrangement good enough.

“The Shire is anyway, of course, supposed to occupy approximately the position of England, which puts Mordor about in Greece or the Aegean.

“'Climate' at any rate fits fairly well."

The lot is expected to make around $15,000-25,000.

There’s also a typed, signed airmail letter dated 1962 from the reclusive Gravity’s Rainbow author Thomas Pynchon, valued at $12,000-18,000.

Pynchon writes from Mexico City, where he lived for a time before moving on to California.

"I am living in a pad about the size of a Bomarc 41 section, and it is probably the noisiest pad in Mexico city … like living inside a John Wayne movie...

“Mexican chicks are the most beautiful chicks in the world. It must be the Italian influence (Mexico being, as you are aware, a predominantly Italian country)."

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