Be a "damned fool" - and buy this George V signed photograph!
Did you know you're related to King George V?

By your hobby, at least.

Because you're both collectors.

George's lifelong passion was stamp collecting.

He helped to assemble the world-renowned Royal Philatelic Collection, often setting record prices with his acquisitions.

So he'd be delighted to know that his autograph is highly collectible today.

That people chase it in the same way he chased rare stamps.

And the piece I'm offering you today is real collector's item.
A signed photograph of King George V, dated 1898

This rare, antique sepia-toned photograph of George V is remarkable.

It perfectly captures his character.

Serious. Noble. Dedicated to his duty.

And that piercing gaze...

It's one of the most visually striking royal photographs I've ever handled.

George is pictured in his full Captain's uniform, complete with telescope, on the deck of the H.M.S. Crescent.

At that time George was the Duke of York, and second-in-line for the throne behind his father Edward VII.

The photo bears George's signature in black ink on the mount, along with the inscribed location and date “H.M.S Crescent, 1898”.

It's a lovely, flowing example of his autograph which remains bold and clear, more than 120 years after he signed it.
King George V's signature on a signed photograph

George V became King in 1910 and reigned until his death in 1936.

During this period he oversaw one of the most remarkable chapters in modern world history.

The rise of fascism and communism. The horrors of WWI. The Great Depression.

Throughout all this upheaval and suffering, he forged a strong bond with the public.

He made regular visits to hospitals and dockyards, factories and the front line.

And his image as a simple and steadfast family man, dedicated to serving his country, made him a hugely popular King.

He also helped with a very clever bit of 're-branding', which transformed the British monarchy forever.
King George V, pictured on board the HMS Crescent in 1898
In 1918 George V made the decision to change the name of the Royal House.

They were originally called the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, with their origins in Germany.

But due to anti-German feeling at the height of WWI, he wisely changed his family name to the more British-sounding 'Windsor'.

It was a clever move, which helped strengthen the relationship between the British monarchy and the public.

So if you're building a collection of modern royalty, this photograph is the ideal place to start.

King George V. The very first Windsor.
A signed photograph of King George V on board the HMS Crescent in 1898
In the past 12 months the market for Royal memorabilia has soared.

Queen Victoria. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Elizabeth II. Charles and Diana. William and Harry.

All of their autographs are highly sought-after. And getting rarer by the day.

High quality, genuine items are now much harder to find.

Especially photographs as striking as this.

It has real character. A sense of drama and history when you hold it.

And you can purchase this remarkable signed photo today for only £1,500.


The photo also comes with my Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee and my Certificate of Authenticity – backed up by more than 40 years in the autograph business.

If you have a passion for British history, this piece is a worthy addition to your collection.

As a fellow collector, George V would certainly approve.

In 1904 he purchased an incredibly rare Mauritius stamp for a world record price of £1,450.

A courtier later asked if he had seen the news "that some damned fool had paid as much as £1,450 for a single stamp".

"Yes," George replied. "I am that damned fool".

So why not be a damned fool - and buy this photograph today!

To reserve it for your collection, just reply to this email with your details.

You can also contact me at

Or call me on +44 (0) 117 933 9500.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe, and thanks for reading,


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