Autographed Beatles club card will bring $12,000 to its youngest member

A collection of memorabilia presented to the youngest member of the Beatles fan club will star in an August 25 auction dedicated to the band in Liverpool.

Beatles Youngest fan club member
Russell Jamieson was just four when he ran away to join the Beatles

Russell Jamieson was just four years old when he ran away from home to join the Beatles back in 1963. After being returned home by a policeman, his story made the headlines in local newspapers and soon captured the attention of the Fab Four.

The band then contacted the fan club secretary, Anne Collingham, and had her award Jamieson with an honorary membership. The letter that Collingham subsequently sent to Jamieson will be included in the sale, along with his special membership card, which has been signed by all members of the band and is inscribed: "To Russell - our youngest fan club member!"

Also featuring from Jamieson's personal collection will be a unique, custom made, leather Beatles jacket and photographs of the youngster in Beatles Monthly's second issue with the band. The collection will auction for £7,000-7,500.

Following this will be an extremely rare Beatles Parlophone promotional card, which also bears all members of the band's autographs. The card was given to the consigner by John Lennon and is inscribed: "Mimi's still got the cats, all the best from the Beatles". The message refers to John Lennon's aunt Mimi Smith, with whom the consigner lived for a few years while he was a student. It will sell with a £5,000-5,750 estimate.

While personalised inscriptions may provide a charming addition to autographed items, it actually detracts from the value at auction, as it decreases the appeal to other collectors. Paul Fraser Collectibles is currently offering another Parlophone promotional card, which bears a clear, non-personalised signature from all four Beatles.  

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