Want Picasso or Dali in your collection? Here are some more affordable pieces...


The pen is mightier than the sword... or should that be pencil?

If you're looking for an entry-level path into the art markets, then pencil or ink sketches could be your way forward.

Drawings by the likes of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Marc Chagall and other legendary artists have all appeared on the markets in recent times.

These smaller works may not be as iconic the artists' larger works - like Picasso's Nude, Green Leaves and Bust or Dali's depiction of soft melting pocket watches on a beach in The Persistence of Memory.

Nevertheless, these smaller works offer a perfect opportunity to collectors who aren't millionaires to own very personal and unique pieces by some of history's most important artists.

You can own a top artist for a less-than-top price: Joseph Léger's
ink sketch, Portrait of Maria Lani, is auctioning in Paris

The latest to join this illustrious artists' list is none other than Joseph Fernand Henri Léger (1881-955). The French painter and filmmaker pioneered his own form of Cubism, which many consider to have influenced on the Pop Art later explored by Andy Warhol and others.

This sketch, entitled Portrait of Maria Lani, was scribed by Leger in ink. Measuring just 39 x 31cm, the small-yet-personal work bears the artist's signature at its lower left.

Although it has a small tear in its margin, this doesn't detract from the piece's overall appeal. The work will appear in Philocale's sale on September 21 in Paris with an estimate of €4,000-5,000.

Given Léger's considerable legacy, it will be interesting to see how the piece does, especially as collectible pen and ink works can often reveal a more personal side to the artist.

Sketches by Picasso and his 'muse' Françoise Gilot are among the
lower-priced pieces to have recently sold on the markets

Lower-priced sketches by Salvador Dali are among those presently for sale to collectors.

Other recent examples include a sketch by Françoise Gilot (pictured above right) who, as well as being known as Picasso's muse, was also a respected artist in her own right of the post World War II School of Paris.

Paul Fraser Collectibles had the privilege of recently selling the Gilot sketch. It brought £10,000 ($16,500), demonstrating that these works are popular among collectors who don't have millions to spend.

Watch this space of more news from the art markets.


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