Video: Warhol 'Apple' screenprint auctions in US - bringing two icons together

Video: Andy Warhol's 'Apple' screenprint excites US auction bidders

Two huge stars of the collectibles markets came together in a single auction lot, earlier this week (February 19), bringing $30,000. They were none other than the renowned Pop Artist Andy Warhol and Apple computer impresario Steve Jobs.


Apple's Steve Jobs knew the
value of collectibles

So, what piece links two legends in their respective fields? The answer can be found in a painting. Given that the Apple logo is among the world's most recognisable and iconic images, it was perhaps inevitable that Warhol would render it in one of his artworks.

Warhol's Apple logo screenprint dates to 1985 and was part of his "Ads" series of art pieces, which parodied various well-known logos and advertisements. In the above video, you can watch as enthusiastic bidders push iconic piece to its final $30,000 price.

The work was a 'bargain' of sorts, bearing in mind that the most valuable Warhol artwork, his Eight Elvises painting, sold for a World Record $100m in 2008.

Jobs would perhaps approve of the sale. The Apple founder was himself a keen collector, with a particular love for Beatles memorabilia. "The [Fab Four's] total was greater than the sum of the parts - and that's how I see business. [It] is really always a team," Jobs once said.

Elsewhere, the contract which established the first Apple partnership - leading to such innovations as the iPhone and iPad in later decades - auctioned for $1.6m at Sotheby's New York in December 2011. The rare manuscript was estimated at $100,000-150,000.

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