Rare Cassandre Modernist poster expected to bring $75,000

A series of striking posters representing some of the most iconic images in Modernism will be auctioned on May 10, 2012 in New York.

The sale, which comprises more than 200 items, will see a rare poster from Cassandre as top lot with an estimate of $50,000-75,000.

The "$75,000" poster by Cassadre (1934)

Cassandre, a pseudonym for Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron, was one of the great poster artists of the early 20th century. He founded his own advertising agency, Alliance Graphique, in Paris which became known for travel advertisements.

The sale item, advertising men's footwear, represents a brief period where Cassandre experimented with the "Neue Sachlichkeit" style of the 1930s. Created in 1934, the poster displays the artist's own take on the highly realistic style which became popular in post-first world war Germany.

Featuring the original printer's notations, the work also provides great insight into the production processes and ensures strong interest from poster collectors.

Cassandre will be joined by fellow French poster artist, Paul Colin. An exceptional portfolio of 42 lithographs entitled Le Tumulte Noir, the works aimed to frame the jazz culture of the 1920s in Paris.

The portfolio is divided into two sections, the first devoted to the iconic Josephine Baker and the other great black musicians and dancers at the time. The second is a cheeky satire of Paris in the Charleston era.

Displaying great deftness and drawn with a free hand, the collection shows Colin at his finest. The increasing rarity of this portfolio, of which only 500 were printed, makes the item deserving of its $20,000-30,000 estimate.
Paul Fraser Collectibles expects the character and charm of this collection to carry bids towards the high end of this estimate. We currently have a diverse selection of posters in stock including this John F. Kennedy presidential campaign poster.

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