New research: Why you should be investing in collectibles

Do collectibles form part of your investment portfolio?

If not, new research from UK estate agent Savills suggests you're missing a trick.

Because its Property and Art report, released in June, reveals that both art and classic cars have rivalled property and other, more traditional investments, in recent years.

Take a look for yourself:

Savills report
Classic cars, modern and old master art have proved themselves powerful performers since 1988

The Art 100 index, which tracks major artists from the past 100 years, has grown in value by 200% over the last quarter of a century, just below the 205% rate of UK house prices.

"If you invest wisely in art, the returns can be rewarding," says Savills' Sophie Chick.

And the classic car sector is even more impressive, especially recently.

"Since the peak of the housing market in September 2007, the real winner has been classic cars, recording a staggering growth of 134.9%," states the report.

"An increasing number of investors have chosen to invest their money in classic cars rather than more conventional ventures," adds Chick.

Why so? I would hazard a guess that a combination of strong potential returns, diversity benefits and the pleasure of owning great motor cars is at the bottom of it.

A rival to traditional investments?

It's great to see collectibles rivalling more traditional investments - it's something of a vindication for everything I believe in.

Yet perhaps it's outdated to think of art and classic cars as being "non-traditional".

After all, a sizable 16.9% of HNWIs around the world now invest in art, rising to 19% for luxury collectibles as a whole, according to the 2013 Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management World Wealth Report.

And perhaps it's wrong too to think of luxury collectibles as being "rivals" to mainstream investments.

After all, it needn't be a case of choosing between the two. You don't need me to tell you of the importance of diversity these days. So why not spread the risk and incorporate collectibles into your portfolio alongside your shares, property and savings?

Interested in investing in collectibles?

If these figures have whetted your appetite for diversifying with collectibles, there's two things you need to know.

·         It is the rarest, most desirable collectible pieces that have historically shown the greatest price growth - so buy the best you can afford.

·         The potential for strong gains isn't limited to the art and classic cars markets contained within the report.

I have handpicked a number of rare items for you to invest in today - click here to view.

They cover a range of collecting areas, so hopefully there will be something that interests you.

And if you have any questions about investing in collectibles, please get in touch.

We're here to help and there's no obligation to buy.

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PS. You can read the full report from Savills here

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