Jamil Naqsh art self-portrait could bring $54,843 in South Africa sale

Reclusive Pakistani artist Jamil Naqsh (born 1938) is set to be the big star at an upcoming Modern and Contemporary South Asian Art sale on June 7 in London.

This painting, depicting both Naqsh and his companion and muse Najmi Sura, is from a USA collection - testament to the growing global popularity of Eastern art.

The work is estimated to sell for £25,000-35,000 ($54,843). The picture was originally bought from Karachi, Pakistan, in the late 1970s.

As with Jamil Naqsh's other most famous works, this piece showcases his obsession with Sura. Her recurring appearances in so many of Naqsh's paintings has often confused critics regarding his limited scope.

Reclusive Pakistani artist Jamil Naqsh410.jpg
Pakistani artist Jamil Naqsh's self portrait, along with Najmi Sura 

Nevertheless, this work is a classic Naqsh execution. It is especially noteworthy for the artist's decision to include himself alongside Sura. Najmi is also holding up a pigeon - another recurring theme in his paintings.

As well as featuring two of his most iconic muses, this work is also important for its time period. Naqsh painted this work in the 1970s after removing himself from the pressures of the art world to enjoy a period of isolated creation.

The result was a series of less classic and more complex images, of which this work is a prime example. Watch this space for more news on the sale.

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